World of Warcraft - Vanilla through WoD ★★★
I started playing WoW in November of 2005. It was an amazing transition from EQ's unapologetic and endless grind, but I love that adversary and challenging gamestyle. Grind-fests are my vice. WoWs best xpacs were Vanilla & TBC...the next few xpacs were catering to the casual player and some sort of unattainable equality threshold.

 Everquest ★★★★★
I was playing Everquest in the Summer of 2001. It's endlessly addictive and compelling, I miss the playerbase, or otherwise I'd still be playing.

Age of Wushu ★★★★
The best play-to-win game available. It was the first Martial Arts MMO I've ever played. The pvp is uncanny, and top of the line, I really miss this, but putting money into a game, besides a subscription, wasn't ideal to me.

ArcheAge ★★★

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