Thursday, March 22, 2012

The big hype of "Stormfire". ★★★★★

What I can't comprehend is, the femnazi barrage storming this book's review on, demanding women not have a choice in what sort of literature they find appealing, therein defiling what is/what is not acceptance in a woman's book preferences.  Really? Are they that MAD? How can they claim to be a feminist, if they enforce their views to be superior to all other women's? Feminism is about choice. Women are free to aspire to whatever fantasy they deem necessary...and frankly, these sort of heroes are constructed IN literature, I assume, to keep within the bounds of literature at a safe distance. Maybe they're -new- at reading romance novels, but this is no new aspect to the writing style.

There are times in this book that I cried freely, and openly-- and it made its relevancy point by ALL of our exclaims/outrage, with or without your acknowledgement. It moved you, negatively or positively--it affected you. Anger, is also an emotion that will be frequent in literature, well- literature that isn't designed to keep a utopian like delusion for the reader.


* Cinderella was abused by her step-sisters, turned practically into a slave.
* Snow White was 14 living with a houseful of men.
* Belle(from Beauty & the Beast), was held prisoner by a monster. A beast, is that bestiality?
* Alice from Alice in Wonderland, was partial to 'shrooms.
* Bella from Twilight was STALKED by Edward. Romantic, huh?
* Sleeping Beauty was kissed by Prince Charming whilst asleep. (Oh, that's consensual, huh?)
* Rapunzel was held prisoner in a tower, and wanted men to pull her hair. :)
* Nala and Simba from The Lion King were most likely brother&sister, if you know how lions reproduce.
* Pocahontas: John Smith was a pedophile, by modern day standards.
* Gone with the Wind; Rhett Butler pretty much molests Scarlett. (Check staircase scene).
* Read Wuthering Heights, I believe Heathcliff is one of the most revolting heroes of all time. ...but he's marvelous, in that regard.
* Flowers in the Attic? Rape AND incest. Gotcha.
* Take a waltz into a prostitute, or a female pornstar's life, once in awhile. Let's see you wrap your mind around that one.
* Go advocate for Islamic women's rights; too much?
* Jasmine from Aladdin wore revealing clothing, and her stomach was exposed most of the cartoon. In that era, she would have been publicly raped, flogged and stoned to for that 'indecency'.

This book is not politically correct, and it'll still be read, long after we're long gone. If anything, this book was an accurate depiction of historical relationships and 'romanticism'; not the glittery Disney'd versions that are notably altered to appease squeamish viewers. Bland, overly censored material would not outrage us as much, and if you PC literature of certain topics, then eventually it leads onto other topics--this topic is unsettling to this group, etc..etc..until NOTHING means anything anymore. Read Fahrenheit 451 for a terrain model like setting of these stages.

I can go on and on, but I'll cease now. I will leave on this little note; Stay out of women's minds, bookshelves and bedrooms. Women fantasize about the most obscure topics on a daily basis; and that's their prerogative. Rape and violence towards women are a real outrage in reality, that's all true-- but you're not harnessing women's literature to suit your vague inclination of feminist ideology. This all boils down to 1st world country woes...yawn.

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  1. Just testing this comment box out. <3

  2. You are so right on this one. The angry and flailing "There is something WRONG WITH YOU if you read & like this shit!" Stormfire reviews never fail to piss me off because they're spittle-shooting tirades of judgmentalism with an assumed mantle of being arbiters of romantic taste and ideology. Even the more fair-minded haters very grudgingly give Monson props for her talent with the written word, but I can sense their nose curling up at being even that magnanimous.

  3. Brilliant, Karla. You have a self-unrepressed means of slapping flat the maggoty existence of those socially bent on reforming Literature to such a generalized degree it's emotionally bereft of anything remotely creative.

    Like most of the assemblage of bitter women's studies and ideology, this issue has progressed from, "I should be able to complain about their literature", to "You can't stop me from complaining", to "I have a right to find this material unacceptable" to "You have to CELEBRATE the fact that I want this Literature banned" and finally "You have to dispatch your anti-lit chits to bombard the publishers!". They ought to be able to weather some slings and arrows considering their -mothers- were the persons boosting the 70-80's sales! Furthermore, I find them acquitted of any sensible defenses, mostly a crumbling edifice of pettiness and bigotry.

    Did you ever post a review there? I'd love to LIKE/FOUND HELPFUL! :D