Monday, March 26, 2012

The Angel & the Prince ★★★★★

The Angel and the Prince
Never had I read a heroine so bold and daring, that I immediately felt the inclination to fling daggers at any random bystander to appease the inner hoyden of every lass.

I understand the author's approach to balancing out her persona; the strong spirited warrioress, and to counter with an overly weepy lil' girl begging to be saved in some grandiose manner.

My favorite part, took place during the everyday consumption, and the Angel showed up one of the Prince's men, obviously unaware of her truest potential/skill, therein the education session was quite effective; I felt that the Wolf clan deemed her worthy of the Prince upon that revelation.

Notwithstanding, the book was exceptionally great. I've no qualms with its deliverance and give & take measure. One question; who did the bloated corpse belong to in the moat??! 

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