Monday, March 19, 2012

Walking Dead fan? Summing up my thoughts on the abrupt 2nd season's end:

OK, let's assess the situation fully;

Lori: Trifling ho. So many deceptive flaws in this wench, it's uncanny. I hope she births a zombie, that eats her most powerful tool. You not only perpetrated the death of your lover, but encouraged your husband to follow through with his inclinations of that person's fraying foibles. Then, when it was all set into motion, you recant your former decisions and spaz out when your husband defended his own LIFE in response to your whoring. DIE in a fire, thank you.

Adriane(or wtf her name is), bitch better bring back my feckin' guns. I'm glad they left your suicidal ass behind.

New girl who fuckin' fell in like an Assassin's Creed shadow: Zombies or no, slavery is bad, mmmkay.

Short-round & the country bumpkin: Useless. Get your boot off of Short-round's balls, silly girl! Emasculating men in the Apocalypse is NOT cool.

Rick: Congratulations on finding your alpha suit. Don't take no shit from those ungrateful bastards! ENOUGH dillydallying over nonsensical shit. Lay down some law, and expect it to be followed!

Shane: Don'tcha know there's only one alpha-male per clan/pack? Tsk tsk, from the moment I saw you pacing 'round your camp all Lion King, I knew you were going to die. From the very beginning; because I know how to hone in and acquire my target, always! I can smell testosterone burnin'. o.o

And lastly,

Dale: Sorry man, in the new world, you take our guns, you die. So,'re dead.

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