Saturday, August 23, 2014

★ Shadow of the Raven by Catherine Rieger

I won't waste your time with the description of this book that makes toiletpaper packaging instructions seem interesting whilst you're occupato. Do NOT be fooled by the lovely wordplay and the author's literate tenor; this book is full of weeds and baggage and overgrown hedges of NOTHING; none of the healthily groomed variation, or even unkempt gloomy sorts that are suspicious for evil plant life and threatening to take over some beloved landmark. Most of the conversations towards the end of the book are out of place, perhaps fillers - barely connecting to the story itself. Not to mention the last few chapters are bizarre, no clarification and incoherent. It truly felt as if I were reading the end of another book entirely. There was a cast of strange characters, whom I originally ADORED, but they're just props or corner decor to stand watch as the heroine aimlessly treks from one end of the castle to the other in pursuit of SPOOKY ANTICS, YO. OK, even if you take out the fact that it wasn't going to be a bodice ripper, or even a true neo gothic, the story itself does not piece together. Not even boringly brittle; it lacked any vitality to make a HEA, or Happily Never After. By the end, the author just didn't feel up to the task of FINISHING it, but instead, she began ticking off the word count and the events are conveyed in the aftermath within the dialogue itself. EVEN THE FINAL SCENES... -.- I'm sorry, 1-star, because of this tidbit here: "No one can have anything better than I. Not a husband. Not a room. Not a dress." That bitch was armed to the teeth to make sure she had the best of everything...too bad the hero wasn't even worth dying for, or killing for, either. ;D

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